RANDY HANSEN "European Tour 2008"   11 awesome Hendrix jams   (CD)
  • RANDY HANSEN "European Tour 2008"   11 awesome Hendrix jams   (CD)
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 Outstanding, killer new "Hendrix Tribute" disc captured LIVE on Randy Hansen's recent Euro-tour 2008 featuring the excellent "Seatle Stratmaster" paying serious "musical homage" to the father of heavy guitar (JIMI). "European Tour 2008" is an amazing, heavy-duty set featuring many Hendrix tracks/jams not found on Hansen's previous "tribute" discs. Awesome, over-the-top, relentless, Hendrixian-Guitar Fury dominates this stand-out, live bluesy heavy guitar "musical document". Randy Hansen is a true, legitimate, modern-day, white Hendrix who nails down the Man's monumental, timeless, classic riffage with power, precision and passion. Complete with tons of bad-ass, killer, extended, improvisational, Hendrix-inspired lead guitar action that make for a disc which will satisfy both hard-core Hendrix lovers and serious heavy guitar freaks worldwide. Tune in and wave your Hendrix Freak Flag High with Randy Hansen.
For nearly three decades, world-renowned guitarist Randy Hansen has acquired himself quite a reputation as being one of the best Hendrix impersonators on the Third Stone from the Sun. Releasing countless discs through the years featuring both stellar Hendrix jams and his own authentic Hendrix-inspired riffage, the Man is a true Guitar Legend in every sense of the word.
In a sea of Hendrix-inspired guitarists, Randy Hansen stands tall and is one of the few players officially recognized by the Hendrix family. Having toured and played with Uli Jon Roth, Jack Bruce, Paul Rodgers, Mitch Mitchell and Buddy Miles, among others, Hansen is a true living testament to the Father of Heavy Guitar (Jimi).
Digging deep with passion, maturity and conviction, Randy Hansen creates landscapes of sound, masterful guitar work, strong riffage and remarkably authentic killer cosmic tones as he channels the Spirit of Jimi Hendrix through his Fender Strat. (((Long live the musical spirit of Jimi Hendrix))).

1. Can You See Me
2. Hey Joe
3. Freedom
4. Power Of Soul
5. Machine Gun 
6. Are You Experienced? 
7. Voodoo Chile (Sample Clip)
8. Foxy Lady
9. Purple Haze
10. Introduction
11. 3rd Stone From The Sun

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